"Lend me my sword, ho!"--Shakespear

February 14, 2004

Could today go any better? Sleep until 2, have a great date, and now off to the bid party. "For if you are a Beta, a BETA THETA PI, well then you'll be a Beta, you'll be one 'til you die!"
It's Valentine's Day. Yipee. Yahoo. Yee-haw. I just got up (thanks for the 2:30 PM wake-up call, mom), and for some reason feel the urge to rant. So, without further adieu...
First things first, as Frank points out, everybody think of the military that can't be with their Valentines. Say a prayer, take a moment, whatever. Just don't forget.
And now, on with the rant...
This is ideally the sort of thing that I would let G.T. handle, but he took all my bourbon and locked himself in the bathroom about five hours ago. I'll say this for the, guy when he wants to drown his sorrows, he doesn't mess around. I was then going to do something a'la Helen but decided, that, while interesting, I didn't feel like bearing quite so much of myself on my blog.
So...where does that leave me? I have two answers to that: better off than last year (I can't not be), and with a date tonight. Gotcha.

February 12, 2004

Good News from home--gotta love it.

February 11, 2004

Found out via Brandon that two more of my high school friends have are blogging; Katie and Abby, also known to the rest of the Shelby County clan as "Giggle Central" have just started, but I have faith they'll always be worth checking out--get the links in the sidebar. Beyond that VERY significant event...
Wes Clark has dropped out of the race. Good Riddance. Anybody that can be dismissed from being NATO Commander for (in the words of Retired General Hugh Shelton) "Significant Moral Issues" should just stay at home in the first place. As an added bonus, most of his supporters are probably going to side with John Edwards, giving Kerry a bit more of a challenge. Let's see, if I was a Democrat, and I had youth and enthusiasm versus age and pessimism, I know who I would pick. But maybe that's just because John Kerry, in addition to being a jerk (throwing somebody ELSE'S Vietnam medals at the Capitol so he could keep his own), is just to the left, politically speaking, of Ted Kennedy. In any event, I think the Democrats should thank their stars that H to the D-izzle isn't a threat any longer. Nothing would have guaranteed four more years faster.
Oh, one other thing--I have received a request for a picture of the 'stache. It is a ways off yet, but once it's in, I'll do pictures of the whole fellowship (We're a fellowship because we're SO much cooler than a club).
I am Lord of the Pledges and a proud member of the Fellowship of the Mustache. Beta pledging is fun so far; I've been elected 'President' of my four-man pledge class, and am taking part in a mustache-growing competition. I feel good, like I have got my swagger back, and that has been absent since at least the end of the summer, but more properly since the end of high school. I know this has been irrelevant to those of you who don't know me, but I'll rant on politics later. It's Bedtime.

February 09, 2004

One of my friends asked me the other day who I have be president, out of anybody in the world. I said me. Choosing then to narrow down the candidates to the nine (or seven, or however many are left) clowns or the President, I chose the incumbent. My friend, who is further left than your average PETA/California/Communist/Anti-Religion scum, recoiled, and went into one of her little Howard Dean-ish rants about "what a fuck" President Bush is, and proceeded to cement my view of her as lost. For my avid readers (all two of you), this is the same person that supplies all the anti-religion rhetoric around here. In a just world, I could hunt her for sport, but I can't so I try to make nice. Anyway, where I was going with this--what if I was President?
Tax Cuts stay. Money is good, more money is better. And, contrary to the belief of the left, a lot of people that have money actually earned it.
Foreign dependency goes. We should need less oil, and soon. I like the Saudis, but not this much...
Trade deficits disappear. Pass a law stating that any nation's trade laws can be reciprocated by us. China is a few billion behind, and they need the incentive. (They can get a man in space; why can't they feed everybody?)
The windfall from trade deficits should be enough to cover quite a bit, so I'll put some more money into education. Why? Because I care, that's why. And I think everybody has had a fantasy about a hot teacher at some point. More teachers=More Hotness=More Happy People.
DoD gets an overhaul. It SHOULD NOT TAKE 10 YEARS TO BUY A D*MN AIRPLANE, TANK, OR ANYTHING ELSE. And I mean a big overhaul, too. Like bureaucracy goes bye-bye, and the budget can actually do defense-type things.
George Tenet, CIA director-for-Life, gets fired, and replaced by somebody in-house.
Can I retroactively punish draft dodgers? Can I alter the constitution so I can?
Stupid people count as a tax credit. (Honey, don't send the kids to school today, I need a new bass boat!) Actually, I don't mean uneducated, I mean idiots. You know who they are.
Lyndon LaRouche will be labeled as an enemy of the state, and I will very nicely ask CIA to dispose of him. (why? Because his campaign people block the street on campus, that's why!)(Deaniacs, take note)
And anytime, anywhere there is a dictator oppressing the people, anywhere there is genocide, or anywhere there are terrorists, I will send a Marine Division.
Vote Me in 2020! (First year I'm eligible)