"Lend me my sword, ho!"--Shakespear

February 07, 2004

GT is back, boys and girls, and is sorely dissapointed at the lack of rant material you've given him. So, here to answer your pitiful one question, and to give his always-interesting opinion, GT Deere...
Howdy, Howdy, Howdy. Good to see y'all. Apparently, one of us is in the slow class here; that's ok, 'cuz I never got to take the long bus t' school neither. Momma said I was special. 'Specially stupid, that was her name for me. Anyway, since I gotta answer you clowns, here's the big question:
"Who the heck is GT Deere?--(they didn't even leave a name!)
I'll tell you who GT Deere is, you little chicken sumbitch. Didn't even leave yo' name sos I could come lay the Southern Ass Whoopin' on ya. You must be friutier than Jeff Gordon, hidin' like that. Anyways, for those "Rainbow Warriors" here, I am the PROFESSOR OF ACCEPTED VICES. I am from Kentucky. That means I "study" the ponies, tobaccy, and bourbon. Got it, yankee scum?
Besides that, I got sumthin' else to bitch about, though. Looks like Benny is gonna pledge a frat. What the hell's wrong with you, boy? If ya ain't pledgin' Farmhouse, what the heck are you doin'? And why don't they have Farmhouse at your school? Oh, that's right--all them rich folks would hurt they little hands if they had an ag major. So, yous gonna be a
Beta Theta Pi, huh, dummy? Thinks you's a big man now? Don't make me reach for my belt, boy...
Now that he's in his place (cryin' in the corner, that is), I'm turnin' loose on his kin...
What's this I hear 'bout his momma and pa runnin' off to that islands? In FEBRUARY? Don't they knows vacations are s'posed to be in Ju-ly in Destin, the heart of the Redneck Riviera? They's goin' fruit on me, too...

OK, GT, you're cut off.
NO! I need more Bourbon!
No! That's MY WoFo!
I aughta kick yo sorry little...
Shut up, GT, you're makin my room smell like smoke, too.
Yous turnin on me...Shut up, GT. I have to get ready to rush.
Beta Theta Pi at the George Washington University has been kind enough to invite me out for the last night of rushing (bid night). Take a look, or go to the national site here.

February 04, 2004

Editorial:This is odd; I would have thought an Kucinich endorsement was in order. Nevertheless, can you feel the heavy spin left coming from this? And people wonder why I gripe. (And for the record, Edwards is the ONLY canidate that could think about winning the general election.)

February 02, 2004

Well, I had a post ready yesterday; it was the Super Bowl XXXVIII edition of Jim Beam and Cosmos. Blogger ate it. And now I am both busy (Spring Fraternity Rush) and sick. In short, I am worn out, worn down, and frustrated beyond words. So forget blogging today. I'll let somebody else handle it. Meet George Thorogood Deere, GT to his friends, Professor of Accepted Vices.
Weelll... I have my soapbox now...what hail shall I inflict on these yuppie spawn scum? Spawn...that's a funny word, reminds me of that alien movie with the hot chick and all the fighting. Anyways, these damn Yankees got their panties in a wad cuz a them patriots winnin' the syuper bowl...in Texas. Against a team from the South, where they still plays real football, not that West-Coast bullshit. Passing, my ass. Bring back the wishbone, and Coach Bryant while yer at it. That wuz football, boys. Anyway, all these little latte-sippin' sissies with their perms and fancy-ass shoes acted like they cared about football just long enough to win. Where were they when I was celebratin LSU winnin' the Sugah Bowl? THAT was football, boys. And their damn womens anin't any better...they all just think that Tom Brady is cute. Kiss my ass. Like most of those metro-sexals, he'd look a lot better with a Tennesee Titan hangin offa his ass. Anyway, so alla these people from up north where they pahk tha cah are celebratin, thinking it's so great they won. And then they bitch when the Red Sox lose...sorry, can't have it both ways. Especially not when them Braves play, let me tell ya, that Chipper Jones is the MAN. Best player in baseball. And a helluva lot cuter than that Brady, too...Hey, speakin a him again, his TV show sucked when I was a youngn. So Boston sucks. But you know what really sucks? People like Howard Dean. I don't no nothin 'bout the man, but I saw a Toyota with a Dean sticker and a Dale Jr. sticker on it. Now everybody knows that Jr. drives a Chevy...why would you put a Jr. sticker on a Toy? Just don't make no sense. So whoever Howard Dean is, he must not know no better, or he'd tell that dude to shape up. I would blame Dale Jr., but he can't watch alla his peoples all the time. Anyways, I got other things to do, WWE is on tonight...Adios, Amigos...
GT Deere

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