"Lend me my sword, ho!"--Shakespear

January 24, 2004

This is the awesomest thing I have ever seen. Or at least in while. D***, I need a date or something....

January 23, 2004

Howard Dean screamining to music...live by the internet, die by the internet.
Our reguarly scheduled programming has been interrupted by a significant event! My friend Brandon has managed to encourage our fellow separated-at-birth brother, Chuck to start a blog as well. In response, I offer congratulations, and declare the founding of the Shelby County Blog Ring. My two brothers get automatic membership, as well as anybody else from home (Shelby County, KY) with a blog. So way to go guys, welcome to the club, and let's get the rest of our buds hooked in, too!

January 22, 2004

Next new installment: Cosmos and Jim Beam Black, Round 3
Well. Much has happened in the past few days. Liberals shrieking at the SOTU, Liberals shrieking at Iowa, the President crying at the potential loss of Michael Dukakis, Jr. following that freakish shriek he made after coming in THIRD. What can I say? A new golden era of hippy hunting is upon us, and I have been having a ball with it. You see, at GW, we have a unique phenomenon: people that are arrogant over their LACK of religion. I have met people that force their religion down everyone else's throats in any manner of ways; never before have I seen a group of people be so active about nothing. They bitch, simply because there is a church on TV. Or because most sane people feel no need to conceal their Bible, Koran, or any other Holy Book. How can somebody be so ferverent about nothingness? I imagine hell is getting kind of full; maybe they want to impress Satan as to get the good spots.
So, religion aside, Mad Howard is vanquished by the hair formerly known as John Kerry. Who, by the way, served in Vietnam. Of course, you wouldn't know that, as the senator himself is very quiet about his time there. Now, what does this all mean? For one, Dean's aura of invincibility is gone. Now the good people of every state that has yet to vote can see him for what he is: angry, disconnected, and confrontational. Before, the quack was being coronated by the media, who for some reason beyond me thought it rational to help him raise all that money by talking about him and him alone. Maybe from now on they'll give guys like Edwards and Kerry equal time at least. Keep in mind this is not asking a lot. I don't want equal time for Al Sharpton, and the media almost did in Gore-bot in the last primaries before they later made him a martyr.
Of course, with this huge shake-up, what will the results be in New Hampshire? I look for this: Kerry to win, because he,like that entire state, is a soul-less Northeasterner, Dr. Dumb and Wes Clark in a dead heat for 2/3, and Edwards 4th. Lieberman 5th, and everybody else doesn't matter and should quit.
One last thing: is it hilarious to anybody else that the liberals are shrieking like banshees over the fact that the President of the United States gave his OPINION on gay marriage. To quote one of my new least-favorite people, "That Sick Fuck". And she says that conservatives rush to judgment, put people in boxes, ext. Well, F*** them, too. People have a real respect problem, and the next person I see who so utterly fails to articulate themeselves will be on the recieving end of a throat punch. Inexcuseable.