"Lend me my sword, ho!"--Shakespear

December 18, 2003

Charlie Wilson died last night in a car crash. He was the funniest man I ever knew, and I'll miss him. I really don't feel like blogging right now. God Bless You, Charlie, and may he give us the strength to carry on.

December 17, 2003

This will be my final post from GWU for the year, so allow me to ramble a bit. I go home tomorrow, and I expect much randomness to ensue. So, in the interest of being interesting, here is the best I can cook up right now.
Wes Clark says he would have gotten Osama by now. That's all well and good, General, but for some reason, I don't think you would. I used to like Wes Clark. Not anymore. This wasn't the last straw, just an outrage. And upon reading the statement, he is approaching John Kerry-ish levels of arrogance about his service. Well, General, I have two things for you: one is a Cosmopolitan, because you just got a special-issue award from yours truly, and the second is a rifle. You know how these work, and you say you'd have Osama by now. Go get him.
John Hinkley has recieved unsupervised visits with his parents. Good for him. He's not dangerous, at least nobody thinks, but it does occur to me that the only reason he's not in jail is that he was crazy. Well, if he's not crazy anymore, guess where he should be...
Fox News says that The Iraq Resistance Was Set Up Before War. This says something to me...that something is that Saddam was yes, stupid, but not a total idiot. He knew that guerillas would make the left wail like a norwegian fisherman, but I don't think he really planned on getting caught. Oops. Also, does it bother anybody else that Saddam bumped Jesus from the cover of Time?
Interesting conversation: Me vs. the Hippy
Hippy (walking in room): More Iraqis got killed today
Me: Yeah, the drive-by?
Hippy: What?
Me: Yeah, the guerillas tried to do a drive-by on a group of soldiers from motorcycles, then ducked behind some school kids. They almost got away, too, but the snipers got 'em.
Hippy: Where did you hear that?
Hippy: (conventional hippy logic that we are bad and dead Iraqis are worse failing) BZZT (as energy arcs across head)
Moving on...
Bedoe, my Egyptian buddy, has a random link to show you all: Jewish Recycling.
Seeing that, you'll be glad to know that my Christmas present to him was to buy the IDF a pizza in his name.
Umm...more to do. I'll try and post again before I leave.
Closing in... I have one more final, tonight at 7. Study some, take my books to the bookstore for some cash, and then submit myself to the Gods of Sociology. And then, I pack. Yay!
I have to respond this travesty. With this sort of behaior, Santa can't expect much from his team this year. Rudolph needs to fined.

December 15, 2003

Another plug for my buddy Brandon over at Cuter With My Mouth Closed. Knowing his personality and some of his story helps things along, so Brandon, I have an ultimatum for you: tell these people how cool you are or I will. And you don't want me doing that, do you?
Wow. Looks like somebody out there knows how to get my attention. Hey, anonymous, call me.
Free Drinks, Round 2
For those of you familiar with my awards, which are now passing under the moniker of Free Drinks, they have returned. For those of you who aren't, here are the rules: If I like you, you get Jim Beam. If I don't, you get a Cosmopolitan. If you don't know why I give what I give to who I give, leave.


Howard Dean, and for no real reason beyond the fact that I feel like it. He is a reactionary, and has no real platform beyond "Bush lied!" and 'War is bad!". No wonder he goes over so well with the liberal-zombie students here.

Frank Solich, for turning down the coaching job at Army after Nebraska canned him. Sure, he's a good coach, and Nebraska was wrong to dump him. But I don't feel bad for him anymore.

Crap Weasel for that treasonous ad he ran.

My Hawaiian roommate, who still operates on Hawaii time, therefore keeping a stranger schedule than I do.

Saddam Hussein, who needs the drink.

Osama Bin Laden, who will.

Jim Beam Shots:

The soldiers of TF 121 and the 4th ID. Well done!

Paul Johnson. Navy coach waxes Army for 2nd year in a row en route to a bowl game. This guy is good.

My friends and family, who tolerated me waking them up with the Saddam news.

Darby Conley, who has blessed us with Get Fuzzy.

Any other conservative on this campus. Let me know where you are.

The U.S. Navy, for successfully testing ballistic missile defense. Again.

My buddy Shannon, who has volunteered to go to Afghanistan. Or Iraq. Or anywhere he can go.

And Ryan, who deploys to Egypt in the spring.

December 14, 2003

I know everybody out there has been waiting with baited breath for me to weigh in on Saddam, so, now that I am awake (I didn't go to bed until after the President's speech), here goes.
WOOOOOOOHOOOOOOO!!!! IN YOUR FACE, CRAP WEASEL! U!S!A! U!S!A! And, because it was Operation Red Dawn, (ripping off Blackfive) WOLVERINES!!!!!!
Anyway, now that I have my mandatory gloat session out of the way (even though this makes me so I happy I feel like Riverdancing, and I just may at random moments), here's my big thought: Howard Dean must be having world-class heartburn right now. I was cruising one of his many websites for golden comments, and while many of them are maintaining their normal senselessness (Bush had him all along! He is using Saddam to sink Dean!), there were more than a few that "felt like crying" and saw the election slipping out of their hands. Not that they ever really had it...
So, what will happen in Iraq now? My guess is that the resistance, knowing the left wing will SCREAM if they don't all surrender, will make maximum effort for the next month or so. I honestly look for a Tet-style offensive, with every one of these little dudes coming put of the woodwork in record numbers. And dying in record numbers. If the press doesn't convince the public that a strategic and tactical victory was a loss (a'la Tet), the insurgency will collapse under their own operations tempo and casualties, finally freeing the Iraqi people from al the fear they have known.
By the way, I know I was promising a lot; more free drinks, the Hebrew Hammer, things that would make my parents blush. These ARE coming, I'm just a little busy right now.
Snow Like Blanket. Details as Events Warrant.
More on why college is a bad, bad place to have brain cells from Anti-Anti-Flag. I can't say I have met people this smart yet, and for that I consider myself lucky.
Trying to get a comments section up. Cross your fingers.
Cuter With My Mouth Closed is a little experiment in blogging by my good buddy Brandon Russell. He's a great guy, and I feel pretty confident he'll say some interesting things if he gets going. Enjoy!