"Lend me my sword, ho!"--Shakespear

December 13, 2003

It's Saturday night, so don't expect a big post, but I do have a couple quick things: first, a big thanks to Citizen Smash for telling everybody to go vote for me in Wizbang's Blog Awards. Also to Blackfive, who put me on his official ballot. Thanks guys. Beyond that...
Mallory, who has to spend $400 on her meal plan by Tuesday, keeps bitching at me to put her on here. Hi Mallory.
And UK beat Michigan state in the BasketBowl, with the new single game attendance record for basketball. Go Cats!
That's all I have, or at least all I'm telling right now. I hear dinner calling.

December 12, 2003

Coming soon to Cavalier Attitude: Free Drink Awards--Round 2, How The Hebrew Hammer is changing GWU, and a story I shouldn't put where my parents can't read it. Plus, the beginning of The Great Transfer Debate. There was something else, too, but I can't remember what it was. Oh well. I have a final at 11, and I am going to help a buddy pack, but after that I'll probably be posting. Also, I have a few new blogs everybody might like if they haven't already seen them: Bloodletting, a Marine going through med school Bejus Pundit, who is currently going through Airborne School and Big Stick, another college-military-political blog.
Oh, and if anybody cares, the Navy had another successful Ballistic Missile Defense Test. Feeling safer by the minute.
More Google Bombing: Dennis Kucinich is now the Crap Weasel , for that little stunt of an ad he pulled. Speaking of that ad, Blackfive, who drew it to my attention, is going to have a Calm, Reasoned Discussion of things with some idiot who decided to threaten him over it. Look out, hippy, those Green Berets fight for keeps.
Also of note, the weblog awards at Wizbang are heating up... Give them a buzz, and be sure to show me the love in the Flippery Fish Category (which I was when nominations went out). Blackfive is up for best new blog, and Citizen Smash is in for best playful primate. And, of course, Frank J. With IMAO is in for best humor, so he's worth a look too. And if you can find Bigstick.us, Jeff is pretty cool.

December 10, 2003

Yahoo! Photos of our dorm playing in the snow 4/5/6 December. I'm the one in the green coat, if you care.
New Blog Showcase Votes. ECHIDNE OF THE SNAKES
This is Complete and Total Bullshit. I try to stay away from topics that I see other bloggers hit on, but when I make an exception it is usually something important. This is the most important one yet. Dennis Kucinich can go to hell. This commercial is the most heinous treason I have had personal experience with. This is not free speech. The Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, and Marines named in this ad would most likely have told these liberal assclowns to go straight to hell, if they were still alive to grant permission for their names to be used. Have some God-damned respect people. This, THIS is why the ENTIRE DEMOCRATIC PARTY is COMPLETE AND TOTAL BULLSHIT. This man should become a pariah in his own cause. Nobody, pro or anti-war, has the right to pull shit like this. Nobody. And if you think I'm overreacting, just watch. Just Watch.
Oh, and anybody wondering about that lovely landscaping job I carry in the summer...Carl Ray Landscape Nursery, Inc. - Eastwood, KY
Life is returning to normal, even if my sleep schedule isn't. The pre-finals cram session is over, and actually was worse than finals will be. In this I had three papers in three business days. In finals, well, I have a non-scary test Friday, a scary paper on Tuesday, and a joke of a test on Wednesday night. And I fly home Thursday. Sweet.
Also worth noting, Katie Edinger, once again, is clever. I don't remember what it was that she said during her presentation in Naval Science on Monday, but I remember thinking "Wow, that was clever". And she seems to know her Perry-class Frigates pretty well, too. Good job, Katie.
On other fronts--Gore has endorsed Howard Dean, and the second coming of the 1984 election is getting nearer all the time. Go Dean! Remove all chance of the Democrats winning the election!
And now, for a very special feature: My Usefulness as a Social Disruption
To set the stage: Andrew (My fellow Southerner), Bedoe (My Half-Egyptian Homie) and I -can't-remember-who-else are sitting in Andrew's room. You know what, I do remember who else, but I'm not telling you!! 'Cuz my family, despite my warning is reading on...
So, person X (a female) walks in. X is just out of a VERY bad relationship. X has, as people typically do, has selected a rebound victim. We all know these people. You have them around for one purpose, and that is to make you feel good about yourself by being able to rapidly plug the empty hole you have in your life. Not ethical, not emotionally smart, but we do it anyway (Oh, and any volunteers for similar position, contact me. I'll need you sooner or later...). X is lonely, wants to hook up with somebody, determines that, if she was to use ordained rebound-boy, that she would have to be really drunk. We, as a crowd, wave her off. Not worth it if you have to get drunk ahead of time to allow it. Well, she says, she has an invitation to a party, and maybe she can use this boy to find another one. Bad idea, says the crowd. Well, she really wants to go, so what does she do? Drafts me to be the babysitter.
So after some spirited debate, we head for the party. Rebound-boy, who I also identify as Mr. Kickass, meets us blocks away where we got off the shuttle bus. Dude has an umbrella in the drizzle. Wuss. He's not expecting me. Oops. I do a pretty nice job of being quiet, looking mean, and walking a little too close to X for his comfort. So we head on down to HOVA (Hall On Virginia Avenue, across the street from the Watergate) for this party. Welcome to the worst party I have ever seen. Along with what were apparently were some pretty raunchy martinis. (Only at GW. Why can't they drink beer like every other college kid in the world? Oh, yeah, they're STUCK UP)
So, Mr. Kickass, in a shirt just a little too revealing for him, takes about thirty seconds to offend X. I get this get-me-out look, and decide to take action. Now, not to reveal my methods, but 1) She didn't know I was lying 2) He actively avoided me on the street Tuesday and 3) He has since come to believe that she is a lesbian. I love a bad party.

December 08, 2003

Coming Soon: (sometime after I get frustrated at my paper again) My Usefulness as a Social Disruption
Anti-Anti-Flag has a post on a subject that I think holds true at almost every college and university in America--the stereotyping and exclusion of conservatives. I've seen this in action here at GWU, where Republicans are so rare that referring to someone by that particular political party is as good, if not better, than using their name. Now, yours truly is an independent, but a darn conservative one, and I can't help but take a little offense at this. When, oh when, will the left begin to realize that it not only discriminates (NOT just politically, but every other way as well), but that it does so just as much as the right? Discrimination is an injustice, not a partisan weapon. I don't know why, decades after MLK, it still is.
Hmm...LSU...in the Sugar Bowl...The Sugar Bowl is in N'awins...home field advantage? Maybe? More on this later, I have (still) more papers to write. Long blog coming Wed.

December 07, 2003

New Poll. Is your shopping done yet?