"Lend me my sword, ho!"--Shakespear

December 06, 2003

Oh, and I am glad to see that most of you want Berkeley, CA to fall under the jurisdiction of Texas. I can't wait to see it... (and if you don't understand this, take the poll! Just scroll down!)
Yea, I walk through the valley of the shadow of term papers, but I shall fear no professor, for I know I am the meanest mother**** in the valley...
I hate all the pre-finals stuff I have to go through. No new news for most of you, but here are the latest additions to my legend:
1) The naval science final: Circuit breaker in my dorm tripped, rendering me alarm clock-less. Forty-five minutes after I was supposed to be in class I get a phone call from (the infinitely clever) Katie, who is wondering where I am (was). At this I rush to the room, and, finding it empty (with class time remaining, might I add), I rush to the LT's office. He (luckily) lets me take it on the spot, and I wrap it in 15 minutes. I love being a geek.
2) Naval science, again: I have to give a professional report on Arleigh Burke-Class destroyers. Simple. I have a power point cooked up, as does everyone else in the class. Things are going smoothly until it's my turn, when the computer crashes. We're in a time crunch, so what do I do? Get out a marker and wing it on the whiteboard behind me. The power point came back to life around halfway through the presentation, but by that time...Well, let's just say I wasn't happy with it. I got a lot of compliments, but could have done SO much better.
3) Term paper: 11 PM the night before a 15-page term paper is due, and what do I do? Get involved in the biggest snowball fight I have ever seen. At least 100 people were going crazy on the soccer field, and it went for nearly two hours. At 1 AM, I drag inside, shower, and get to work. Part of the thing was done, but oh, boy, did I haul on that other part... I ended up with a paper I really liked, and turned it in eight hours early. Awesome.
What may come next? Who knows, but I have papers Monday and Tuesday... Bring it on!

December 05, 2003

Read all about it a white powder has been discovered in in the U.S. Military Academy's Michie Stadium.
From the Halls to the Shores is a blog from a U.S. Marine. It's worth reading, check it out.

December 04, 2003

New Blog Showcase Vote.dangerous liberty: Al Franken on Book TV i hope you people appreciate that this is my paper writing break...
ESPN has WrittenA Letter TouOur Fans. For those of you on COX Cable, check this out. Anybody else, pay attention anyway--could this be corporate America beginning to police itself? (Ok, probably not, but it COULD be).
Blackfive, on top of things as usual, has more on LTC West - Update 7. If you haven't heard about this man yet, please, please check out Blackfive's posts and the articles he cites. Why, oh why is this man being prosecuted?
My apologies for the extended leave of absence. I am afraid I am writing some monster term papers. Until then, check out the blogroll, or go watch Boondock Saints or something. Be back Friday, or if not then Sunday definitely. Go Navy! Beat Army!!

December 02, 2003

December 01, 2003

Tackle Hunger: "f " Matt at Blackfive gets credit for sniffing this out, but since I'm football-rabid I'll post it anyway. Go feed the hungry by voting for your favorite NFL team.
Eject! Eject! Eject!: November 2003 Archives has a great post for asll you flaming liberals out there-- this is exactly why going to Iraq was a good idea, and staying there unitl it can support itself is a life and death matter.
Two new links--buy a pizza for the IDF or for our American boys that aren't quite done yet over there. Check these out. Also, Madfish Willie's Cyber Saloon is well into a Spnak Frnak campaign that is worth reading, for those alliance cohorts that haven't spotted it yet. Power to the bartender. Beyond Blogging...
NAVY is in a bowl game!!! Talk about a turnaround for the Midshipmen, Paul Johnson should seriously be considered for coach of the year. The program he inherited was winless, and then piled up offense (and turnovers) last year before blowing out Army to get the momentum that is proving impossible to stop this year. There is no reason that PJ shouldn't have a D-I COTY next to his multiple IAA awards. I know I am biased, but WOW. This guy is good.
In other notes, way to go Virginia, who finally took it to Va Tech. Four years is a frustrating losing streak, to say the least. Of course, my native state (Kentucky) has lost 19 years in a row to those orange satans to the south (UT). No wonder the Bluegrass is a basketball state. And don't even bring up Navy-Notre Dame.
But that does lead me to the independent football school potentially becoming extinct. I know Army is leaving C-USA, and I don't know who would want a BAD Black Knights squad, but Navy is looking sharp, and the Big East may not be done picking up football schools yet. Just a thought, since ND is flirting with the ACC and the Big East, and UConn is accelerating conference plans of its own.
I'm shutting up now. Term paper due Friday. Oh, and I make my schedule on Tuesday--I just may challenge myself with Horseback Riding. (That must be interesting at GW; we are in Foggy Bottom)
My New Blog Showcase Vote for the week: Joe's Thoughts: Politics Trumps Morals