"Lend me my sword, ho!"--Shakespear

November 26, 2003

Y'all are gonna love this:
I got my first troll! That's right, little 'ol Cavalier Atttitude has produced one of those smart people that feel like trying to change my opinion. Evan, of Virginia, writes:
Most Cavaliers are reasonable and see Bush/Cheney 04 Corporate Campaign for
the fraud that it is. Our wonderful country can not take 4 more years of
these jokers. WAKE UP.

WOW! I'm sorry, I had no idea how wrong I was. Excuse me while I go cry myself to sleep. No, no, I won't do that. Evan, my boy, you get the big honor, a free drink from the Cavalier Attitude Bar and Grill. Take your Cosomopolitan and go sit down with the losers from the GWU law school.
Turkey-Induced Sabbatical. Not saying you won't hear from me until after the holiday, but I wouldn't bet on it if I were you (even though I'm not). Oh, and there's a new poll. Enjoy.

November 25, 2003

How to Get Dismissed at Thanksgiving
Brain sapped... Can't be serious...
I hate writing papers. At least ones like that. The one I just cranked out was on slavery, fine, except for the fact that I had better stick to the company line 100%. All my papers are like that: Come up with something new, but not anything that will surprise the Prof. He doesn't like to be surprised.
Have you all seen my poll? The one asking about women? Just interesting, right now most of you think they smell good (they do), but more women think that they should overthrow men than men realize that women are indeed evil. Interesting, apparently when this overthrow goes down men won't realize what is going on. Excuse me, I think I feel a pull on my leash; one second dear....
In some seriousness, John Allen Mohammed got the Death penalty yesterday. This doesn't really bother me, because he deserves to die. A horrible death at that. I would have supported extradition to Texas under false charges if Virginia had not killed him. All that said, it does bother me that there is such a thing as a death-qualified jury. They are by definition more likely to convict and when they do, more likely to give the death penalty. In a case like this, I don't really see that as a factor. In a lot of cases though, say in Illinois where a frightening percentage of Death Row is wrongly held, this could be a problem. Especially with the trust our legal system puts in juries being impartial.
I actually have some witty and intelligent things to say today, but expect them to come much later. Right now I have a paper to write.

November 24, 2003

Ok, we are setting up for a Oklahoma-USC Sugar Bowl. This is a problem for me, personally, becuase I am biased aginst USC for playing in the Pac-10. I can't forgive them a loss to Cal and somehow not give LSU a mulligan against a better-than-predicted Florida team. And schedule strength? Please. SEC schedules are tougher than anybody else in the country, including the super-conference the ACC will be next season. All this is pretty irrelevant, as OU is going to crush anybody they play, but I would much rather hop on the Geaux Tigers wagon than just watch things play out.
I just realized that I missed my first NFL pick of the season, cheerleader-wise. Figures the Chargers, arguably the worst team playing right now, would have the best-looking cheerleader. I guess I will sacrifice my pride for a Bengals win, though. Marvin Lewis deserves the break. Oh, and standby to rant: BCS rankings come out in minutes, and for me to be happy, Evil Glenn (he DID create the BCS) needs to suprise some people.
Funny though it is, I can't help but wonder if Blackfive's Paris Hilton Post could possibly be related to getting Google hits. Of course, My linking to it doesn't help, either. Maybe the next time one of the porn-addicted frat houses goes cruising for Paris, they'll be faced down with the Paratrooper of Love.
You know, I had a great post for today, but I accidentally deleted it. Sufficient to say, I was working late hours last night trying to save a hippy. Maybe we SHOULD (IMAO: November 09 2002 Archives) invade California...

November 23, 2003

The Cover of Time on my birthday. Just thought you all might find this a bit ominous.
Holy Sharpie-markers, Batman! I just searched for myself and found out that my little blog is the 14th thing that google turns up under Cavalier Attitude. Wow, right behind the single-run newspaper articles...
Just so you know, the my new Google Bombing section is a very special project. You see, the Alliance of Free Blogs (that group I joined) is trying to, uh, manipulate the results you get from Google. You see, the way Google works is that it look for what pages are linked to as. A good example of this was when once upon a time you could get Microsoft by searching for "Go To Hell". Well, since we (the Alliance) don't particuarly care for Glenn Reynolds at Instapundit, or the league Of Liberals, they are getting a treat: Google Bombs. If enough of us do this, Glenn and the League will appear on Google if the search terms "Liberal Assclown" or "General Douchebaggery" are entered. Fun stuff, huh? Now, if I could just get somebody to link me under "Paris Hilton" I would dominate the web...
Oh, and go vote in my poll. It's down the page a ways, but I am interested to see what you think...
Hey Everybody, one of the random birds that the university president has so nobly provided us has been reckoned with. No, it wasn't destroyed; rather, it was turned into a Thanksgiving turkey. There will be pictures, or at least a link to some, as soon as I get them back from a borrowed digital camera. Wait 'til you see these...