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November 22, 2003

Ok, so things didn't quite open up like I thought they would they would; there are still two one-loss teams, and that keeps things clear for the BCS. Oh well. Maybe LSU will get to play, and anytime an SEC team does well I am happy...
Ahh, The Cat in the Hat. Good, not spectacular, but good. Less than the level the Grinch set, definitely. Alec Baldwin is in it; funny, since he plays a very evil, very shady sort of man. Not too different from real life. Wasn't he moving to Canada if Bush won, for that matter? Just wondering... Paris Hilton makes an appearance as well. Bad, bad, bad timing. I honestly think I would have gotten her edited out.
And, for the record, I was the token male, along with three girls. Well, until dinner. Then it was four. I am scarred for life. Too much shoe-oriented conversation. Oh well, it was entertaining, though. More later, maybe.
You know, I was working/ watching football, but now I am going to see Cat in the Hat. It gets worse, though-- I think I will be token male. Oh. My. More later.
Looks like today is going to be a better College Football day than I anticipated... OSU lost to Michigan, which sucks, but it does open some interesting possibilities; what if USC loses to UCLA (anything goes in rivalries), and LSU chokes at Ole Miss? None of that sounds too far out of the realm of possibilities, and it would make the Sugar Bowl WIDE OPEN. Just some wishful thinking...
Oh, and those Navy Midshipmen blew out Central Michigan. A bowl-eligible Navy team? Wow, Paul Johnson really is that good as a coach. Back to the games...

November 21, 2003

FREE MARKET FAIRY TALES: Economics & Politics Archives
My Vote for the New Blog Showcase this week. Enjoy.
I guess you all see I joined the Alliance of Free Blogs. Basically, for the uninitiated, this is a bunch of blogs that I like and that I have similar views as attempting to crush leftist-pig Glenn Reynolds as the most-read blog on the web. Plus, It'll get me hits. And I love attention...
This (washingtonpost.com) is what is wrong with our society today. Political correctness will be the downfall of our society yet.
LTC Allen B. West, U.S. Army is a hero. He made a mistake, and is showing himself to be everything an Army officer should be. Take a look for yourselves.

November 20, 2003

Awards Day
Today is a very special day. Today is Awards Day. I am giving out my very own awards; some positive, some negative. You get to guess which.

The Following Will Be Honored to receive the First Ever Round of Cosmopolitans from the Cavalier Attitude Bar:

The George Washington University Law School Staff,
For deciding to sue the DOD over the law forcing schools that accept federal funding to allow military ROTC units/recruiters on campus. Have a cosmo, ladies, and I won't miss you next year.

The Mayor of London
We've been over this, but anybody that claims President Bush is more of a threat to human life than anybody else in history needs the drink. NEXT.

Howard Dean
Heard what this guy thinks we should do with Iraq? Grow some (deleted), man. Until you do, all you get is the girl drink.

Larry Coker
After all the Jackass things Kellen Winslow said following the Miami-Tennessee game, he benched Winslow for ON THE FIELD ISSUES? Way to demand respect, man.

Captain Elwood Hopkins, III USN Medical Corps
If you don't know why this man made my list, feel free to ask, but I think most of you do. I'm not forgetting anytime soon, Cap...

And on the positive end of things, we have the Jim Beam Shots

Eliot Cohen
For finally writing what those of us with brainsknewall along.

John Mumford
Interim Head Coach at Army, where they haven't won a game all season, and are 4-29 since 2001. When Todd Berry was fired, this program was left in ruins, and any job that Mumford does is Beam-worthy.

Ernie Fletcher
The Republican Governor-Elect of Kentucky, who replaces an ineffective and embarrassing Paul Patton to become the first Republican Governor of Kentucky in way too long.

For agreeing that some prescription coverage is better than none, and working with the GOP to pass a bill that will work inside the existing budget instead of using their weight to help the Democrats block anything that wasn't theirs. Three Cheers for pragmatism.
I just added another link over there, this one is to IMAO. Not new to most people, it's definitely worth a look if you haven't bookmarked it yet.
What a discovery!
Dave Barry's Blog
The pre-Thanksgiving inversion of the clock for study hours continues. I am getting used to this. Oh, and FYI, I am preparing to issue some as-yet-unnamed awards. Brace yourselves.
A picture you all need to see. And this is no fake.
Oh, just to make good on a threat: Katie Edinger is clever, she just hides it well. (Ha!)
My internet is turned back on; it has been for a while, but I have also been a bit busy lately.
First things first, I am all for bombing the Mayor's residence in London. Did you hear what he said? He declared President Bush the greatest threat to life on this planet we've ever seen. Imagine the nerve it takes to put the leader of your strongest and most loyal ally on that list above Mussolini, Hitler, and Stalin. I understand if he does not like our policy (too bad about that, by the way. About time somebody started using their conscience), but to say that was just stupid.
While we're on people that are deserving, the Air Farce tested another MOAB the other day. This is the Mother Of All Bombs that the press loves, the direct descendant of Vietnam's Daisy Cutter. Fun stuff.
OSU is number 2 in the BCS standings. This is a good thing; I cannot stand USC (could it be because Offensive Coordinator Norm Chow turned down UK's job?), and I think the BCS should give defending champions a bonus, like they do for quality wins, just to encourage beating the champions to become champions. College football is all about rivalries and pride, and to play on that would never be a bad thing. Oh well; Oklahoma could beat the Atlanta Falcons right now, so we know who will be hoisting hardware in New Orleans.
A few interesting things have been happening around GWU, too; we have random bird statues popping up around campus, one is not too far from my dorm. If it ever stops raining, expect that bad boy to get some pretty decorations in the form of sidewalk chalk. Ladies and gentlemen, kiss that lame-ass mascot of ours goodbye, I am adopting the bird.
Speaking of birds, the annual Thanksgiving Turkey Drop has started. What is that, you might ask? Well, most of the girls I know, re:most of the ones I live with, came here with boyfriends. And lately, those turkeys have been dropping like flies, victims of the time and distance. That said, I don't think that the attrition is as bad here as elsewhere. I mean, the money at this school is incredible, and very few problems are beyond being solved with a credit card. I just had a neighbor fly to Conn. on no notice for a booty call. Out of Reagan. Money, money, money.
Also, our university president, Steven Joel Trachtenberg, one of the highest-paid presidents in America (500K/yr. Plus mansion plus cost of living/benefits), said some real jackass things the other day. At his 'Late Night with the President' a student asked about the workers in the food court of the student center having a bad attitude towards the students. SJT passed this off as the struggle between the "haves" and the "have nots". You know, this may be true, but considering the silver-spoon population around here, saying that does not help things. Especially when the University contracts out the labor instead of hiring the employees itself so it can pay them a fair wage. Maybe if our esteemed leader took a salary more in line with his peers we could better relations with everybody around here. Also, you have no idea the novelty blue-collar work is around here. You'd think I strangled a kitten every time I mention that I did landscaping around here. It's almost as bad as the reaction I get when I start talking about the military. The best one I have gotten yet, though, was a friend of mine asking me how much money my parents gave me to spend, per week. One hundred, two hundred dollars? No, I budget what the gave me at the start of the semester. I get some occasionally, but mostly just budget stuff. (Silence...).
This place is an experience, that is for sure. I wonder how I'll react at a school where I am not quite so different...
Read this. Common sense is breaking out.

November 18, 2003

Commando Blogging, take one--wireless off a friends laptop in a dull history lecture. I have to do this, you see, because the network for my entire campus went down hard last night and still hasn't gotten up. This sucks. I have a good blog coming, once I have the time and place to type it up.

November 17, 2003

Ok, so it has been a little longer than promised, but I am finally posting again. And, for the record, I am still batting 1.000 with the cheerleader NFL picks. Including the Cincinnati Ben-Gal that I posted early this week. Also, If you haven't seen my odd little quizzes, (click on Col. Potter or on Hemingway) they're worth a look, or at least are late at night when I have nothing better to do.
The second round of the blind date went well; she's pretty cool, and has the bonus points that she knows Cincinnati well. Finally, somebody else that understands the joy of Graeter's ice cream. We saw Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World, and it actually was her recommendation. I had no idea when we got set up that she was a big Horatio Hornblower fan. That's right, sports fans, I have met my match in useless naval trivia, at least for that period in time. I like to think I still own the 20th century.
The DC sniper (John Allen Mohammed) was convicted today, but no sentencing yet. I am by no means a huge fan of the death penalty, but if ever there was a case where it was warranted, this is it. Actually, maybe all terrorism covictions should earn the chair or an injection. Actually, in cases like this, why not revive the firing squad? Just thinking out loud. Nothing is too bad for him.
John Hinkley wants to visit his parents unsupervised now. I think the Reagan children have the best idea on this one: If he really is mentally well enough to go out now, maybe he can start some jail time. It can be relatively painless; I'll buy him a copy of Contact to put on tape loop.
Al-Qaeda is bombing synagogues again. I can't wait to hear the spin from the left that even this is our fault. After all, isn't everything? I mean, if it wasn't for white protestant men like me, we wouldn't have racism, right? This same group tends to forget that people like Saddam Hussein, Castro, and Quadaffi need to be removed for the good of their own people. We have been finding mass graves in Iraq, you know. I am sure that there are other ones in this world, just waiting for somebody to stand up and make sure they are out of use. And guess what, ye-of-the-left? We're not going to do stop anybody with appeasement or aid packages.
Speaking of aid, China won't be asking for any more and will pay off the trade deficit now that they have been able to put a man in space, right? I mean, what could be more important, feeding your people, or a space program? Hmmm...
Oh, and China's military is getting better better, the PLAN (People's Liberation Army Navy) first, followed by their air farce. This is bothersome. At a time that we are growing closer and closer to Taiwan (as we should), China is getting more capable of invading. Well, I think I speak for a lot of people when I agree with JFK's "bear any burden" ideal. And if China wants to take on Taiwan, well, then just maybe the world's most populous country will be putting itself on a course to freedom. That would be great. I have to get in the military, I am almost beyond caring about the doctors. There are too many important things to do in this world.
Lastly, if you aren't reading Get Fuzzy, look it up. It is the new Garfield.

November 16, 2003

Blind Date take-2 tonight. Details when I wake up. Also, has anybody noticed that when I pick an NFL cheerleader for Babe of the Day, that team wins it's next game? Just putting that out there.