"Lend me my sword, ho!"--Shakespear

November 15, 2003

I saw this today, and think most of you that haven't seen it already should. http://www.mudvillegazette.com/archives/000307.html

November 14, 2003

A few sporting thoughts...
Baseball might just save itself yet. Now that drug testing is mandatory, there won't be any more speculation about tainted records, and no one can cheapen a breakout season. Combine that with the once-in-a-lifetime October the sport had and we may be on to something. While I am at it, anybody else think Bud Selig should start taking bows now? Not a bad recovery from the post-strike status of the game.
Got a care package today. That makes me happy.
I have gotten some good comments from you all on the wax paper incident. Seems like I wasn't the only one seeing humor in that. I know I was at the time.
My computer is buzzing. It stops when I kick it. Hmmm...
Paris Hilton is the talk of campus. A few of the frats have even had brothers-only screenings, from what I hear. And you know what? I can't help but think this is all awful close to the start of her new reality show.
I do not know how many people have heard this, but the wind got a little dicey here yesterday. Not as bad as NYC, where there were HUGE airport delays, but enough that the Post was treating it like Hurricane Isabel, take 2. Well, without the power outages. But then again, Isabel wouldn't have made the news at home at all. Not that PEPCO and Dominion are incompetent, but every time anybody has lost power here, it wouldn't have even made out lights flicker at home. Of course, as best as I can tell, every tree that could take out a power line, already has. During the 1st month of school, parts of Maryland were without power 50% of the time. Fun.
The Senate talk-a-thon has been entertaining, I had some friends go watch them talk it up yesterday. Also, it has sparked quite a few debates around here. Interesting how many of my liberal we-don't-need-an-army friends shut up real quick when I point out that freedom is a good thing and everybody needs it. And get off of Iraq, already. WMD or not, we did the right thing.
Also, all those reservists knew they might be called up. And all the active duty knew this was a part of the job. I wish the press would lay off that.
That is about it for now. I'll probably be back later tonight, but now I am going to go bake a cake. (because no way am I letting the women-folk around here do it. I would like to keep my home intact, thank you)

November 11, 2003

Today will be another light day, not because I don't have funny stories, or because I didn't find the usual idiocy in the Washington Post. Today will be a quiet day because I want to use my usual outspokenness to draw attention to a University that does not give current active duty personnel the day off when they aren't being paid to be here. I had my Naval Science class this morning, but on the LT's pay stub he never showed up. This is wrong. I shouldn't get today off, but veterans, and especially active duty, should. No institution should stand in the way of that. Change the rules, Congress. It'll feel better than your last pay raise.

November 10, 2003

Decisions, Decisions...
Do I watch MASH, study, or blog?
(Mental note: 'Hawkeye made me do it' won't work on a Prof...)
Study time. Be proud, mom and dad.
Happy Birthday Marines!
This is my first Marine Corps birthday in four years without being at a ceremony. Wow, do I miss it. Thank you to all that ever did, and all that ever will wear the Eagle, Globe, and Anchor.
Well, I guess it's time I finally explain the previously mentioned Wax Paper Incident. You'll need some set-up information first. Most important in this is my dorm; it is only 30 people, largely female, and those girls are mostly walking caricatures of daddy's little princesses (I like 'em all, but they are). As for me, well, I am turning into my dad. That is important to this story because it means all these girls know I can cook, bake some, and fix damn near anything. This is not a bad deal.
So Thursday night, I am in my room, watching TV with a young lady when I get a knock on my door. We're actually watching TV, so I answer it, to discover Kaylan (One of the girls, although she shatters the mold I set up earlier. Kaylan can scare me sometimes.).
"Can you bake cookies on wax paper?"
"I'll be right there"
With that I dash across the hall, expecting to have to remove wax paper from cookies, or the sheet, or some equally mundane task. I discover, however, a common room that has transformed itself into a training scenario for firefighting trainees. The situation greeting me:
1) 10 feet of visibility in the smoke
2) A princess standing on a chair so she can reach the smoke detector with a wet rag
3) Windows closed
4) Cookies still in the oven, which is still on
Oh. My.
The solution? We rip the top off of ever-present pizza boxes (1st and only time I am glad to live with slobs), open three windows, and start fanning. At this point I decide it might be a good idea to shut off the oven and remove the source of our smoke. Doing this, I discover that these same girls are afraid to touch the cookie sheet, even with oven mitts. Well, until they figured out the cookies weren't burned. Then they were reaching out the window to get to where I had placed this disaster. The smoke cleared, we let the rag off of the detector, and life was normal. Well, some semblance anyway. We had to throw out the cookie sheet it was so utterly beaten, and a few egos were bruised. I am afraid this won't seem real funny to you all, but trust me: six girls, one guy, and a flaming tray of (I am doubting it actually was, but may have been) wax paper lead to quite a bit of chaos.

Everybody go watch this movie. Now.

November 09, 2003

Went on a blind date last night. It went really well, which surprised me--normally when I hear somebody get talked up as much as this girl was I end up with a dog. Not so this time, I may even break my tradition of first dates only at this school. More importantly...
Saw some pictures at strategypage.com of an M1 that ran over three antitank mines and was destroyed in Iraq. What gives? I could imagine the treads coming off, but I seem to recall the peacetime Army making a lot of noise about it being invulnerable to any known antitank weapon. This is the second time so far I have seen pictures that say otherwise, and this time it was in a spectacular fashion, with the turret separating completely form the hull. What happened to the supertank?