"Lend me my sword, ho!"--Shakespear

November 01, 2003

I am home now, have been since Thursday night. Flew in from BWI, I am not impressed. Even after that college kid snuck all the weapons in, they still are not great with security. Awful. I don't think many people in the U.S. take this war seriously anymore... How quickly we forget, it seems. Sad, really. Beyond that....
My cousin is having his party today. He is a SF Captain in the Army, and just got back from Iraq, where he had been for approximately 223 days. We are so glad to see him and have him home again. To the rest that still toil in the sandbox, hurry home guys. You're doing maybe the most important thing in the world right now, but we still miss you.

October 30, 2003

A few interesting things in the Washington Post today... Apparently the UN is showing some weak knees in Iraq. Or at least they are right now, because they won't be there for long. They are initiating a major drawdown of personnel, as is the Red Cross. Now, the red Cross can do what it wishes; I am deeply disappointed by it, but notice no trend. As for the UN, well, they have all but resigned themselves to irrelevancy in my mind. Somehow, after (barely) surviving the war in Iraq, the UN has now (twice) shot itself in the foot during reconstruction. Incredible. This is an incredible dereliction of duty, and I no longer see reason for the U.S., or any nation with boots on the ground in Iraq, to remain a part of this once-powerful body. They have betrayed the Iraqi people, and the memory of all those that died both in the war and at the hands of Saddam Hussein.
Secondly, we are apparently getting very close militarily to Taiwan, with U.S. personals now involved in all levels of their military. It will be interesting to see how this plays out with China, as well how much my flaming liberal friends scream about us doing the right thing. On a related note, China just had two ships visit Guam as guests of the U.S.S. Chancellorsville. Mixed signals, my head hurts...

October 29, 2003

Just over 24 hours until I get on that airplane...I cannot wait to go. This is just so...Boring. I think it may be because of what I was preparing for (I was going to the Naval Academy until I got medically DQ'd in June), but I had no idea there was this much free time to be had. Think I'll go get lost downtown somewhere.
Great News! I get to go home this weekend! We are having a welcome home party for my cousin, who was in Iraq for just longer than the past year. He has been back a while now, and it is my understanding that he has just spent a little bit of time in the Caribbean with his wife. In any event, he is the greatest, and I cannot wait to see him. He was on my mind a lot when he was over there-- well, he still is. But I am still thinking of and praying for all the troops over there. Be safe, guys.
I do not like it (here), Sam I Am. And here is The George Washington University. What can I say? Far too many people her have been blinded by the left. That said, I am not a hard-liner from the right; to put it as best I can, I am a social liberal, a fiscal conservative, and a hawk on national defense. The people I meet here are a bit disillusioned with politics, religion, and their homes--all the things I hold dear. And so I defend it all. A few of them are coming around. Hell,a few have even transitioned from just "Bush" to "The President". I will truly feel better if some of them find religion. Have what you wish, but have one. Anyway, this is my first post, so hopefully I will have something better to talk about later. Oh, yeah-- if you haven't seen the Iraqi toy drive yet, go check it out--even my flaming liberal friends will buy a kid a teddy bear. http://operationgive.org